Who Is a Citizen Leader?

Citizen Leaders are the men, women, young adults and teens who take stock of the kind of world they want to help shape for the people they care about and act to make it so.


The Citizen Leader Seminar

The Citizen Leader is a thought-provoking seminar to help you develop and deepen your moral compass — that is, explore and respond to the questions: Who am I? and How do I want to be in the world?

The seminar challenges you to be authentic and courageous so you can say with conviction: I am a person I’d want to follow.

Then, by giving you practical guidance to speak up, serve, act and lead efforts to better your world, The Citizen Leader helps you grow both as a citizen and as a leader so you can create great places for us all to live, work and play.

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The Engaging Leader Tutorials

The Engaging Leader: Be the Person They’d Want to Follow is a series of tutorials that helps you deepen your understanding and practice of five essential roles of a leader, and be the person others would want to follow. Each tutorial offers a unique framework and practical tools for application to the specific leadership role that you are exploring.

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Speaking Engagements & Seminar Facilitation

Invite Peter Alduino to speak to your group or facilitate a seminar based the themes and the challenges in The Citizen Leader and The Engaging Leader.

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The Citizen Leader Blog

Read more about citizen leadership on The Citizen Leader blog.

Read the stories and profiles of contemporary citizen leaders.

Praise and Reviews

As Peter Alduino makes clear in The Citizen Leader, leadership is not about position or title, power or authority, celebrity or wealth. And it’s most definitely not about being a hero. What Peter says is that leadership is your responsibility as a member of this global community, and that you have the capacity to do it.  Full review >>

—Jim Kouzes, Co-author of the bestselling The Leadership Challenge and Credibility

Peter Alduino’s The Citizen Leader: Be the Person You’d Want to Follow is not a typical treatise on the characteristics of great leaders. His emphasis is squarely on self-awareness, and he guides readers on a journey of intense self-examination to determine the principles they want to live by. This is not a guide to becoming a leader simply to be successful; it is a guide to becoming a leader with integrity, passion, and authenticity. Full review >>

—Barry Mills, President, Bowdoin College

Rarely has a book come along that is so easy to endorse. The Citizen Leader would be wonderful required reading for every college and high school student in America and why not their parents as well. This thoughtful reflection and action-oriented guide on authenticity, character, and responsibility will stand up to the test of time because it speaks to timeless and fundamental human needs that dwell deep inside each one of us.

—Chip Conley, Founder, Joie de Vivre Hospitality, Author, PEAK and Emotional Equations

Peter Alduino has one of the deepest hearts and finest minds of anyone I’ve ever known. and The Citizen Leader is his opus. Do the work as Peter prescribes in these pages, and it will become your opus, too. This book is destined to become a leadership classic.

—Steve Farber, Author, The Radical Leap Re-Energized and Greater Than Yourself