Facilitation by Peter Alduino

Peter’s depth on the topic of leadership adds richness to every session he has delivered.

More importantly, he is a great business partner and has taken the time to understand our culture and leadership philosophy. Not a cookie cutter approach consultant/master facilitator.  I have grown personally as a result of working with Peter.  A bonus for me!

Fred Colon, Director, Leadership Development, Travelers Insurance

I am delighted to entertain requests to facilitate seminars based on The Citizen Leader and any of The Engaging Leader tutorials for you and your talented staff as you strive to grow and contribute in your capacity and commitment as leaders.

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One Seminar or a Combination?

The seminars can be conducted either alone or in combination. Each seminar is a stand-alone or self-contained unit offering a unique framework and practical tools for application to the specific leadership role you are exploring. This allows you to take on and work through any individual leadership role one at a time, or on an as needed basis to address an immediate or current need or concern.

You and your group can expect to derive meaningful and applicable benefits by investing approximately eight hours in each role. This allows you to have a seminar session lasting one day, or a sequenced series of seminars over time. You determine your learning objectives, and choose the seminars that will help you to meet them.

I encourage you to invite me into your deliberations as you make your plans. I have considerable experience across a broad spectrum of clients to draw on in order to help you formulate the series or combination of seminars that meets the learning objectives of your team or community.

Your Investment for a Seminar

Your investment in the personal and professional development of each individual is $280.00 per seminar.

Your investment will include facilitation by Peter Alduino and a workbook for each individual.

The minimum investment is $3920 for each day that I spend with you which allows for up to 14 individuals in a one day seminar. Certainly, there can be additional participants.

Ideally, if your plans call for you to offer the seminars on a regular basis in your organization or community, I would encourage you to allow me to coach and prepare you and others to lead and facilitate the seminars.

My guarantee to you: If you are not satisfied with my services, I will return your investment.

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