The Citizen Leader

The Citizen Leader: Be the Person You’d Want to Follow

The personal exploration of character contained in The Citizen Leader is foundational to your stepping into your public role as an engaging leader. If you aspire to be somebody whom others would want to follow, it is imperative that you read, reflect on, and record your thoughts to the questions and concepts about your own personal convictions, credibility and courage laid out in The Citizen Leader. Let this book be your guide.

I have written this self-paced guide to be your de facto workshop. Since most people won’t have an opportunity to participate in an organized, company-sponsored or costly seminar on leadership, I have designed this guide to allow you to move through it as if you were attending a seminar. It’s all right here for you — objectives, explanations, exercises, learning points, illustrations, real-life stories, next steps and summary of questions. Additionally, The Citizen Leader is supported by an extensive set of free, interactive, online worksheets.

This is not a guide to becoming a leader simply to be successful; it is a guide to becoming a leader with integrity, passion, and authenticity.

—Barry Mills, President, Bowdoin College

The Citizen Leader is structured for you to venture through on your own and at your own pace. It is also designed to let you partner with others — peers, coworkers, family, or friends, in school, at work, at home, in a seminar, in a book club — so together you can use its guidance, exercises and tools to create a forum for reflection, sharing, learning and growth.

If you are a teacher, trainer or facilitator, you have the opportunity to develop your own creative presentation for your students and participants as you use The Citizen Leader in a class, workshop or seminar.

With focus, guidance and energy, a group can derive meaningful and applicable benefits by investing approximately eight hours of their time and attention working through the chapters.

Of course, I am delighted to entertain requests to conduct a The Citizen Leader seminar for your group. Read details about your investment here, and please feel free to contact me.