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Most of us have suffered through the poor leadership of others, and I would argue that it’s because as a society, we don’t have a shared understanding of what leadership looks like. Most people “know it when they see it,” but they can’t really define it, which by extension means that they can’t develop it as a skill.

This book explores the key attributes that inspire others to follow our lead. The premise is that all of us have the ability to be great leaders by being clear about our convictions, exercising humble curiosity, living with integrity, and demonstrating courage. The Citizen Leader purports that leadership is a skill that can be learned, and not just something we’re born with (or not).

If more of us understood the messages in this book, our lives — and the lives of those who follow our lead — would be much better for it.

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I loved this book! I was actually in tears when I first starting reading it because finally someone put eloquent words to what was in my heart. Peter Alduino has a beautiful way of conveying his knowledge, then telling his story, then helping me actually feel what is real and true for me so I could connect my heart to my head to my soul. My definitions to words that I base my life on are redefined to be in more alignment to my core. I have more conviction to be me, do the right thing, have integrity, love, dare to be true, and connect to my community. Everyone should take the time to read this book especially anyone that owns their own business or anyone in charge of other people. Love, Love, Love it! Read full review at >>

Praise and Reviews: Barry Mills

Peter Alduino’s The Citizen Leader: Be the Person You’d Want to Follow is not a typical treatise on the characteristics of great leaders. It is very much a workbook, and Alduino expects his readers to work. His emphasis is squarely on self-awareness, and he guides readers on a journey of intense self-examination to determine the principles they want to live by, to scrutinize whether their pattern of action supports those principles, and to use that knowledge to become an active citizen and leader. This is not a guide to becoming a leader simply to be successful; it is a guide to becoming a leader with integrity, passion, and authenticity.

—Barry Mills, President, Bowdoin College

Praise and Reviews: Chip Conley

Rarely has a book come along that is so easy to endorse. The Citizen Leader would be wonderful reading for every college and high school student in America and why not their parents as well. This thoughtful reflection and action-oriented guide on authenticity, character, and responsibility will stand up to the test of time because it speaks to timeless and fundamental human needs that dwell deep inside each one of us.

—Chip Conley, Founder, Joie de Vivre Hospitality and Author, PEAK and Emotional Equations

Praise and Reviews: Jim Kouzes

As Peter Alduino makes clear in The Citizen Leader, leadership is not about position or title, power or authority, celebrity or wealth. And it’s most definitely not about being a hero. What Peter says is that leadership is your responsibility as a member of this global community, and that you have the capacity to do it. When you read The Citizen Leader, Peter asks you to confront yourself, take stock of who you are, and what you stand for. And he asks you to decide the difference you want to make in this world. This book is full of tips and techniques and practical examples, and all the things you need to become a better citizen leader, but it is not a book you just read, it’s a book you have to experience. It’s a book you have to actively participate in. When you do, it will affirm the most fundamental of all assumptions that you must make to become an exemplary leader — the assumption that you make a difference. The Citizen Leader will help you do just that.

—Jim Kouzes, Co-Author of the bestselling books The Leadership Challenge and Credibility