New review at “Essential reading for anyone who leads — or hopes to lead — others”

Most of us have suffered through the poor leadership of others, and I would argue that it’s because as a society, we don’t have a shared understanding of what leadership looks like. Most people “know it when they see it,” but they can’t really define it, which by extension means that they can’t develop it as a skill.

This book explores the key attributes that inspire others to follow our lead. The premise is that all of us have the ability to be great leaders by being clear about our convictions, exercising humble curiosity, living with integrity, and demonstrating courage. The Citizen Leader purports that leadership is a skill that can be learned, and not just something we’re born with (or not).

If more of us understood the messages in this book, our lives — and the lives of those who follow our lead — would be much better for it.

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