Dear Peter,

Fifteen months after you met with all of us, you continue to inspire my colleagues and me. Keep doing what you do so well; it makes a great difference in the lives of many.

– Vice President, Development, A Top 10 Best Small Colleges in America


Peter’s depth on the topic of leadership adds richness to every session he has delivered.

More importantly, he is a great business partner and has taken the time to understand our culture and leadership philosophy. Not a cookie cutter approach consultant/master facilitator.  I have grown personally as a result of working with Peter.  A bonus for me!

I hope you will convey to Peter the awe and appreciation with which we view his knowledge and skills.


Peter did a great job – stimulated the thought process and allowed us to look deep into ourselves and in my case come away with a renewed commitment to “fixing” things I knew need to be fixed.

Peter Alduino is a gem. He is polished and articulate, yet passionate and sincere.

Excellent!! He made us help each other as opposed to providing the answers.


Our team is now eternally indebted to you.  Thanks for this wonderful gift.  I know you have made a real difference to so many of us, and in the end, our families and students will benefit.

Humility is your strength – I would follow you! Wow.

One of Peter’s particular gifts is his commitment to and his skill in combining the practical aspects of business and leadership with individual development for the leader and inspiration for the team.  I also very much appreciate the fact that Peter is well organized, dependable and clear in his thinking and his presentations.

It came from the heart, Peter!

Keep doing what you’re doing. You have too much to offer.