Citizen Leaders: The Founding Members and Staff of Plastics Pollution Coalition

Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global collaboration and effort of individuals, businesses and organizations inspired by and working together towards a vision of a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on people, animals and the environment.

The Coalition was developed and is currently championed by this handful of founders and staff whose dedicated actions on behalf of the common good exemplify Citizen Leadership:

  • Daniella Dimitrova Russo, Executive Director
  • Dianna Cohen, Art Initiatives and Creative Director
  • Julia Cohen, Coalition Manager
  • Lisa Kaas Boyle, Esq., Legislative Policy Director
  • Michaelanne Petrella, Publicist
  • Manuel Mansylla, Regional Organizer, East Coast US
  • Mark LeRoy, Web site

Through their daily efforts, these Citizen Leaders seek to put plastic pollution at the forefront of global social, environmental and political discourse with the aim of:

  • Elevating the discourse about plastic pollution to the forefront of the public attention;
  • Delivering access to information about all aspects of plastic pollution and their interconnections;
  • Connecting all involved parties—local communities, environmental organizations, public health organizations, environmental justice organizations, individuals and businesses—to each other in their work to end plastic pollution.

Here is what success will look like:

  • Individuals, organizations and businesses end their dependence on disposable plastic, and reduce their plastic footprint;
  • Plastic product manufacturers own the end of life of their products; invest in truly biodegradable products; and self-regulate the output of non-biodegradable matter;
  • International leaders form global alliances against plastic pollution
  • Economic incentives are created that move businesses to invest in plastic alternatives;
  • Legislation is passed that curbs irresponsible proliferation of disposable plastic